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As time passes, we get to realize that transportation gives a contribution to our health and comfort. Moreover, it also helps us travel with the shortest time consummation possible, leading to more productive and relaxed days. With this, we offer our capabilities and equipment with our vehicles to accompany you towards your destination. You will not have to waste your energy and strength again.

What Is NEMT?

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is transportation, wheelchair van, or litter van for those who cannot use public or private transportation. Nonmedical transportation (NMT) is transportation by private or public vehicle for people who do not have another way to get to their appointment

An example of NEMT Transportation is transportation to and from a Dialysis appointment. NMT transportation service is for routine medical or other eligible non-medical appointments. This type of transport is provided by taxi, sedan, or van.

Non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) is a transport service that brings individuals who are not in an emergency situation to their medical appointments. NEMT supports not just regular primary care visits, but a range of services, such as recurring treatments, physical therapy and mental health appointment

NEMT is available to all beneficiaries when their medical and physical condition does not allow them to travel by bus, passenger car, taxicab, or another form of public or private transportation. Services must be prescribed by a health care provider

We offer non-emergency medical transportation to and from:

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